Animal collection

My animals’ collection reflects my own interaction with fauna which on one hand has come as a gift from my ancestors
and on the other hand by my current life experience as suburban dweller.
My animal collection therefore differs significantly within its content.
Some pieces were inspired by my own family fairy tales and stories reminiscent of archaeological finds.
Meanwhile, my coexistence with London suburban animals such as squirrels, rabbits and foxes is a daily occurrence
and therefore these animals look fairly contemporary.

Silver Rabbits ringSilver Rabbits ringSilver
                    Rabbits ringSilver Rabbits ring

Silver Rabbits ring - There was an illness amongst the rabbits on Hampstead Heath London. To wish them well, I cast my spell on two embracing rabbits.
Can be made in silver, gold-plated silver and yellow 18ct gold.

Big fishes necklaceBig fishes necklace

This is take on big fish heads. The fish heads have been wax carved and cast in silver. I made them helplessly being caught so they hang on a hook.
I have chosen offside drilled citrine beads, which look like a flexible fish vertebrae and triangular blue topaz beads as the fish tale.
Since the beads slide inside the top of the clasp, their position is always flexible as would be a caught catch. The necklace is humorous, and is full of light and colour.


Silver running hare

Extremely rare earrings with running hares, cast in fine silver and finished in a brilliant mirror finish

Silver hare braceletSilver hare bracelet

Bracelet with silver hare pendant in either matt or brilliant finish and matt hematite beads.

Silver Rabbit
                        NecklaceSilver Squirrel necklace

Sweet little necklace inspired by my local Hampstead Heath rabbits or hares. Obviously you will not see
such an agile rabbit, and definitely not a hare, happily running in our urban parks leaving behind
frustrated hungry foxes and pleasantly surprised passers-by. I loved them so much that I carved one
from wax and cast it in Silver. This silver rabbit pendant looks very stylish on a
string of knotted round matt hematite beads.
Squirrel necklace (18") with solid cast silver squirrel pendant and matt hematite beads (8mm).

Silver Pearl Bracelet with two horse
                      headsSilver Pearl Bracelet with
                      two horse heads

This bracelet is labour of love. It has two horse heads with bayonet clasps. I carved the horse heads in wax first and then they are cast in silver, after which a bayonet clasp was added.
Please note that because these are solid cast and not a hollow heads, they are pleasantly weighty. Here in the photo’s you will see bracelet with silver coloured pearls, 4,3 and 1.8mm.
All pearls regardless of size are knotted. For those who are looking for something less classic than pearls, other options are possible, for example matt hematite beads or any other stones
of your own choice. Please contact Kochi for advice and a quotation which would depend on the stones chosen.

Silver Pearl bracelet with two fox headsSilver bracelet with hematite beads.

Common suburban villain an urban fox. In my case I carved fox heads as fittings for a bracelet. Silver bracelet with Pearls or hematite beads.

Stylish silver necklace for a foxy ladyEarrings with silver birds pecking little

Stylish silver necklace for a foxy lady

Unique necklace (18") with cast silver fox head pendant
and matt hematite beads (8mm).

Earrings with silver birds pecking little pearls

We do not see sparrows any more in London, do we? So I decided to glamorise these
missing sparrows a little bit by providing them with tiny pearls. Sometimes even
little sparrows can peck something as precious as pearls. Good luck for my little birds
perhaps with pearls they will be back in our gardens ?


                    singing bird earringssilver earrings
                    for a bird lover

Hoops should not be frightening if they just serve to be cage for a little singing bird.

These earrings can be ordered with preferential colourings of precious gem beads, prices will differ depending on the cost of gem beads and weight of the gold or silver used.
Beads could be red rubies, blue iollites, green peridots, green emeralds, pink sapphires, grey greenish sapphires, violet or blue tanzanites.
Contact Kochi for a price with your preference.

Large deer pendant
                        18ct gold necklaceGold 18ct
                        bracelet with a little deer pendant

Gold 18ct large deer pendant with 40cm chain.

Further copies can be ordered with the chain enlivened with precious gem beads.
It is all about a little deer having a rest in green forest with icy blue green rivers.

Gold 18ct bracelet with a little deer pendant on a chain interspersed with chrome diopside
green beads and sea blue apatite briolette.

Gold 18ct little deers earrings with
                      chainssilver deer’s
                      earrings on posts

Gold 18ct little deers earrings with chains including
emerald beads. They are just adorable !!!
Sweat little silver deer’s earrings on posts.

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