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                    personalised yellow gold wedding bands18ct
                    personalised yellow gold wedding bands

18ct personalised yellow gold wedding bands

These matched 18ct yellow gold wedding rings are inscribed with the names of the newlyweds on the exterior surface.
These personalised rings were sold recently but I am happy to accept commissions for similar ones.

They are pleasant reliably chunky wedding bands. They are a flat court shape from the outside and concave inside.
Their width 4mm for the groom ( 8.70 g) and 3mm (6.2g) for bride, but can be ordered in any size.

You could order engraving on the interior or outer part of the ring. To commemorate you can put your names, initials or the date
of your happy event. The choice of the style of engraved inscription follows client’s wishes (in the illustrated rings “Lord of the Rings” font).
Because the rings are heavy, engraving is done quite deeply so it serves as decoration in itself.

Kochi can make wedding bands unique to yourself and to your own design – contact her for help in formulating your ideas,
to create a design and to give you quotation.

                        gold and pearl ring18ct gold Ring

Very much up to date summer fashion with reflections
on a nautical thematic. This is a unique one off sample,
of wax carving technique.
18ct gold ring as coral branch with dusky pink pearl.

British size P ½, French size 56 ½, German size 17 ¾

18ct gold ring as coral branch
British size N ½, French size 54, German size 17

flower posyBluebell Earrings

I was fascinated with Scottish wedding rings in the shape of a flower posy.
In order not to turn myself into an eager copycat I thought about spring,
brightening our hopes for the better weather and flowers in our gardens
 which delight us. I decided to carve from wax and to cast in 18ct yellow
gold my little flower garland ring. So my ring includes my favourites,
French rose, daffodil and forget me nots. Each of the five flowers was set
with a diamond. My choice of diamonds for the golden flowers was
the famous pink diamonds from Australian mines. A combination
of yellow gold and pastel pink is so warm and pleasing as a dapple
shade in a spring garden.

Inspired by bluebells from our garden which delight
us every spring. I wanted to create something full of
 movement and cheerfulness of early spring with
 first dash of colour. I carved this in wax, casted parts
of the bluebell stem and small florets in 9ct gold.
9ct gold was chosen for its lighter weight compared
to 18ct which is twice heavier. The stem was is set
with bright green tsavorites and the head of the flower has
cool blue sapphires.

Peacock’s earrings
This magnificent pair of peacock’s earrings was inspired by visiting West London open gardens,
when Londoners open their private gardens to visitors. It is always joyous occasion for hosts
being proud of their horticultural achievements as English do, and visitors who can just simply
enjoy nice weather, friendly atmosphere and above all beautiful views of carefully planted bed
of flowers and shrubs. Within one  Kensington garden I spotted a princely pair of peacocks with
whom I fell in love, so my peacocks were carved first in wax by myself and then cast in
9ct yellow gold. Most tender raspberry pink sapphires of old cut were chosen for this
pair of earrings to remind me of a wonderful sorbet

18ct gold
                    ring with moonstone18ct gold and diamond ring

18ct gold ring with moonstone

Appreciate a superior quality moonstone, it is completely
transparent but has wonderful blue glow in the top of the
dome of the cabochon.

The ring has nice feel of weight about it, a very respectable piece.
Gold 18ct British size P, French 56 ½, German 17 ¾

18ct gold and diamond ring

Granulation is so much in vogue

Could go as atypical engagement ring

or as special cocktail ring.

Gold 18ct ring with granulation and a set of
white coloured diamonds.

British size K, French size 50, German size 50 ¾

Designer made
                    diamond ringGold Engagement Ring

Designer made diamond ring

A uniquely cast silver ring with a yellow diamond.
The diamond is of a nice yellow colour and has a rose cut.

British size K and half.

Engagement Ring


For very special bride who ultimately loves diamonds, their beauty varying in shape,
size and shade. I wanted a ring for a very independent and self assured woman
who will not shrink to show her strong personality with a rather steely character.
For her, I choose a large grey rectangular diamond weighing about one and a half carats
flanked by two smaller square diamonds.
So we shall see who wears the trousers in this couple !!!

Drop EarringsEarrings

Magnificent pair of drop earrings fit for a bride

arge pear shaped green tourmaline on the bottom (24 mm)
and square diamonds (0,4 ct) on the top set in 18ct yellow gold


Good choice for a bridesmaid, earrings with a round disk with chains,
with added zingy blue colours of iollites and kuanites.
Blues are of exceptional quality without any shade of grey in them.

Quartz Diamond Earrings

Earrings, quartz, diamonds

What bride would not like to have, something as demure as these
white quartz earrings with a little flash of a superior cut diamond?

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